Timon van Spronsen

Hi! My name is Timon, I'm currently studying Computer Science at Rotterdam University. Aside from that I'm working as a front-end developer at Shareworks for Projectcampus. I also have my own company, Devbit.

My skills are mainly focused on webdevelopment. I've got experience with HTML5, CSS3 (including Less and Sass), JavaScript, AngularJS, Gulp and Webpack.

Download my resume (Dutch)

Contact me via: timonvanspronsen@outlook.com



A handful of projects I've worked on.


Cloudharbor is a Docker management tool developed for Info Support as part of ICT Lab during my third year at the University of Rotterdam.

View the source of the front-end application on BitBucket.

MuseApp for Android


MuseApp is an Android application for discovering museums and monuments in The Netherlands. MuseApp was developed during my first year at the University of Rotterdam.

Download the app from Google Play or view the source on GitHub.